Brookbridge Drive, OH
before + after

The homeowners of a lovely home tucked away on a flag lot were ready to create a new space in their backyard to include a family friendly hangout. They had a deck that had flaking paint  and a few rotting boards, and nowhere else to gather.

They also needed to create a distraction for the noise that had become increasingly loud from the nearby road and distribution center. Both small business owners, they wanted to make sure they were working with a team who understood great communication and attention to detail.

We listened to the list of things they wanted to have in their design like a fire pit, new patio, water feature, area for a table, and a more age appropriate space for their son to spend time with his friends than the old playset they had.

We put together a few ways they could make this work and finally decided on a paver patio with a seat wall that would accommodate both the fire and water features they wanted.







To keep in mind their busy schedules, we suggested a low maintenance, bubbling boulder feature with a reservoir and both native and adaptive native plants.

With an efficient plan in place, we built a space that accommodated everything they wanted, including landscape lighting. We worked hard to find materials that they loved and would also fit in their budget.

To replace the decking that was failing, we chose a grey composite material and a new powder coated aluminum railing. This fit the family ’s classy, contemporary style and it was also very elegant and cozy.

The result is a space that works for eating outdoors, enjoying the fire, sipping a glass of wine and relaxing, and distracting from the noise they don’t like. They more than doubled their outdoor entertaining space and now have a beautiful outdoor oasis in the middle of a busy suburb.

If you are ready for your amazing Before and After,  let’s work together.