Frequently Asked Questions

Flourish is a landscape design and build company. We offer a seamless design and build experience that will help you surround yourself with beauty. We use both local experts as well as experts from around the globe who bring their unique expertise to each part of our process. From landscape designers, 3D modelers, horticulturalists, architects, and engineers, to a variety of top-notch tradespeople, we aim to bring the valuable relationships we’ve created over the last 20 years to as many people who can appreciate great design.

If you love great design, you are ready to start a landscape project and you are ready to invest in your vision, Flourish is for you.

If you live in the Cincinnati area, Flourish can install your project as well as design it. If you do not live in the Cincinnati area, Flourish can design your project with one of our online-only packages, then advise you as to the next steps with your contractor.

Flourish has taken time-intensive design steps and created an efficient online design process. This costs less than traditional design, takes less of your time, and allows us to pull from a high quality of expertise both local and global. We draw from horticulturalists, landscape designers, architects, and engineers aiming to create designs that are unique to you. We do not create cookie-cutter designs. We listen to your vision, then translate that into something we can build.

We complete our process for Cincinnati area residents by handling your installation for you. We take the uncertainty and overwhelm out of the installation phase by building your project with tradespeople with whom we have standing relationships, many of them over a decade strong. Together we have already built over 300 projects and counting. We assist with HOA and permitting documents. We check with local building codes to ensure a buildable, safe, and code-compliant project. During the installation process, we handle all necessary inspections. For clients who live outside of the Cincinnati area, we include a full set of specifications so a contractor in your local area can estimate, obtain proper permits, install, and get proper inspections as needed.

For projects requiring permits and HOA approvals, we currently do not submit permits and HOA submittal for projects outside of the Cincinnati area. To find out if a permit and HOA document submittal is included in the package that’s right for you, please look at our packages page or schedule a call with us.

We do not design home additions, homes, or structures that are best suited for an architect’s expertise.

Our Process

For in-person design-build packages, once you purchase your design package, we will schedule a site visit to meet you and review your scope of work. You are added to our installation schedule at this time. You will then fill out a survey about your vision, and our team will get started on your first concept. You will receive your design in both 2D and 3D versions, and have up to three revisions included as part of your package. Once your final design is approved, you will receive an estimate for your project. You may want to make adjustments to your design at this time to adjust your estimate. After you approve your estimate, we will create a draw schedule, and obtain your permit and HOA approvals if necessary.

Then we will install your project.

For online-only design packages, once you purchase your design package, we will assign an appropriate expert to work with you. We will then send you a link to upload your site photos, measurements, and inspiration. Then you will fill out a survey about your vision, and our team will get started on your first concept. You will receive your design in both 2D and 3D versions, and have up to three revisions included as part of your package.

Once your final design is approved you will receive your full set of documents ready to be passed on to a contractor of your choice.

A designer’s role is to put your vision together so you can see what that looks like through 2D or even 3D plans. We offer both 2D and 3D plans for every package.

We do have design only, as well as design-build packages. Visit our packages page here or schedule a call here to learn which package is right for you.

Each design package comes with the opportunity to include a number of design changes, an ample amount depending on which package you choose, with additional changes available for a fee.

Depending on the package you choose, your design may take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months or more for highly customized designs. Visit the package page to learn more about the timeline of the package most suited to you.

We design in your style. Our job is to translate what is unique about you into a beautiful space that you and your family can enjoy for a long time. We ask specific questions and listen to your vision and allow your ideas to take shape. We love working with all varieties and styles of homes. Projects we have completed in the past include homes in the style of mid-century modern, contemporary, Tudor, craftsman, transitional, Sears homes, Italianate, large estate homes, and many more.

Our experts live both locally and around the world. Our founder is Michigan-born Michelle Andersen who studied at the University of Cincinnati’s Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning Program. She co-oped and lived in various countries and has built a network of both local and international talent to support your design project. She currently runs Flourish Design out of her Over The Rhine location.

We currently have designers, 3D modelers, and business support in Cincinnati, Ohio, Serbia, the Philippines, and India. We have many local Cincinnati experts and tradespeople such as architects, engineers, landscapers, concrete installers, landscape lighting installers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, masons, and so many more. These are all relationships that our founder has forged over time, some of these relationships going back 20 years.

Our collective goal is to make your project a success and something you will love for a long time.

For in-person design packages, you will be speaking and meeting directly with the Design Director.

For online-only design packages, you will have direct communication with the Design Director by email and you can request a zoom call as needed.

We have horticultural experts on our team who lovingly craft planting plans particular to your region if you are within the continental United States.

Getting this part right is particularly important to us. Our founder has painstakingly crafted her expertise in Midwest area plants including deer resistance, drought tolerance, and use of natives, and adaptive natives. Her experience in both public parks and residential landscaping arms her with the expertise and experience to choose the right experts for the right planting plan.

As soon as you have a vision, a general idea of your budget, as well as access to funds for your project, you are ready. Home remodelers can schedule several months or even years out so it is advisable not to wait.

We offer in-person design and build packages for clients who live in Cincinnati and its surrounding area within a 50 miles radius.

We offer online-only packages for clients who fall outside of this area and live within the continental United States.

We have built over 300 projects and during that time we have learned how to design as close as we can within our client’s budget. We do this by first understanding your vision, and educating you about what things cost if your vision exceeds your budget. Some clients have to adjust their expectations in order to receive a design they can afford. We try to make this transition as early in the design process as possible, or before you even sign on. If you aren’t sure if you have a large enough budget for the project you’d like to do, look at our design packages page or schedule a call with us.

Landscape Installation

If Flourish installs your design, and you don’t make any major change orders during installation, then it will look very much like the design you approved.

If Flourish does not install your design, we cannot ensure your contractor will adhere to your design specifications. We create our designs so they are easy to follow, estimate, and build, with all plants and materials specified. That way your contractor has every ability to make your design look just like the design you received.

Each design will vary greatly as to how long your installation will take. Small planting plans may take less than a week to install while large outdoor living spaces can take several months.

Many of our clients like to do their landscape projects in phases. We work with our clients to advise on what phases would be sensible and also work with their budget.

We will redraw your design for a redraw fee at your request. For most modifications a redraw is not necessary.

Most of the tradespeople that build Flourish projects come from relationships our founder has formed personally over the last two decades. Many of these relationships come from working together in the field on numerous projects and building trust with high-quality results.

For any landscape installed by Flourish, we offer limited warranties.

We currently only offer advice on how to find the right contractor for your project. As we build trustworthy relationships, we will then be able to connect you with a builder or landscaper. We cannot offer referrals outside of the Cincinnati area at this time, but we are currently accepting applications to be in our referral network. Please contact us to apply.

Landscape Maintenance

No, we currently do not offer maintenance, but we offer maintenance referrals to our clients after their landscape is installed. We also include a maintenance guide after you receive your design.


Flourish Design’s founder, Michelle Andersen, has studied and practiced sustainability in the landscaping and design industry for over 20 years. She is passionate about creating timeless, high-quality designs that will last for a long time. After studying and working with such industry niche areas as permaculture, public parks maintenance, operations and design, straw bale building, bamboo architecture, native garden design, deer resistant plantings, non-toxic material selection, and more, we pride ourselves on being as environmentally forward thinking as possible.

We have created a design and built culture with this foundation of sustainability as we continue to learn and grow. We believe that a family whose home supports their well-being in addition to being beautiful is a sustainable environment and our designs aim to create that for them.