montgomery, OH residence
before + after

When we met the homeowners of a charming Montgomery, Ohio home built in 1957, they had just completed the first phases of a major remodel.

After fully updating their kitchen and adding a first floor master suite and new driveway, there was nothing but soil and straw left of their front yard. The homeowners wanted our help creating a new landscape that didn’t look like anyone else’s. We were starting with a blank slate. They also wanted to make sure they were working with a team that would understand their ideas and make their landscape match their specific style.

We listened closely to the homeowners so we could reflect their style in the plant material and layout we chose for their landscape. We also made sure to select deer resistant, low maintenance plants so their landscape would thrive in a challenging setting.

They were particularly interested in less turf and more plantings in the front to offset the new bright white paint and punchy red door.

This couple also has two large dogs who needed lawn to play on and sturdy plant material that can withstand big paws stepping through them occasionally. Once we understood where they wanted to go with their new look, we created some ideas and presented them. With their feedback we designed a plan that detailed all the new landscape beds, a front and side entry, a new stone retaining wall, herb gardens, and solutions for some areas of the yard that didn’t drain water well.

Since they wanted an entry that was unlike any other, we hand selected lilac colored bluestone and laid the large pieces like a puzzle to create a natural, elegant approach. We wanted something soft and timeless to compliment the fun tile pattern they added to their front porch.







While we were laying this walkway, the homeowner reached out to share how blown away she was by how beautiful her
stone entry had become.

Another bold feature we helped with was setting up an area for herbs and flowers. The clients chose a teal corrugated raised garden kit and we incorporated it into the back patio area.

They already had some very colorful plant containers and some brightly colored art we helped them stage in the garden beds. We also consulted on which bird baths would work well in their new landscape. All these small touches made a big impact and reflected the particular style the homeowners were going for. As the plantings started to fill in, we had fun hearing from the homeowners how they loved the landscape and enjoyed making further suggestions for some added beauty. We still enjoy receiving updates, especially one like the video of a bird bathing in their birdbath right outside the living room window.

The lavish plantings have now started filling in and make the remodel look even more beautiful with a full looking landscape that is fun for both the clients and dogs to enjoy.

If you are ready for your amazing BEFORE and AFTER, let’s work together.